Welcome! I started Retire32.com to commemorate the moment that I’ve finally achieved financial freedom at age 32 and how I intent to document my continual progress to increase my passive income portfolio. It all started when I read Robert Kiyosaki’s book Rich Dad Poor Dad. I learned about the difference that separates the Middle class and the Rich is that the rich acquires asset (things that generate income for you) while the middle class acquires liabilities (things that drain money from you, such as a mortgage or a car loan).

No matter how much you earn, if you spend your hard-earn money on too much liabilities, you will never be able to escape the rat race. In other words, you’ll have to keep working at the mercy of your boss. If you’re laid off, you probably can’t survive for too long without having another job. To achieve financial freedom, you have to acquire assets, and get rid of liabilities. Taking his advice, I was able to slowly acquiring assets that eventually generate $5k/month as of Aug 2017. That’s the moment that I decided to quit the rat race, and liberate myself so that I have even more time to spend on discovering new asset opportunities, or simply, spend those time with my family.

I had been earning a rather average salary. I don’t considered myself a genius. So if I can achieve financial freedom at age 32, you can do it too! My current goal is to reach $100k/year passive income in 3 years. I will keep blogging my progress. Through Retire32.com, I hope we can all share our stories here so that we can help each other to achieve the dreams of our lives!